Economic Structure

Bulgaria has a strategic location in the center of Southeastern Europe and the main roads of Europe to the Middle East and Asia pass through



  •   - Bulgaria is strategically located and provides access to the following markets:
    •   - South-East Europe – a 122 million inhabitant, high growth market
    •   - EU – Bulgaria offers the lowest cost , zero tariff access to a 500 million inhabitant market
    •   - CIS, Middle East and North Africa
  •   - Bulgaria offers a combination of political and macroeconomic stability and incentives for doing business:
    •   - Stable parliamentary democracy; EU, NATO and WTO member
    •   - Bulgaria’s currency is fixed to the Euro under a currency board arrangement
    •   - Lowest tax rate and one of the lowest labor costs in the EU coupled with special incentives for investors
    •   - EU funding – more than €8 bn in EU funds over the next years


Source: Bulgarian National Bank, Eurostat                                                                           Source: Bulgarian National Bank














Source: Bulgarian National Bank                                                                                            Source: Bulgarian National Bank



Taxation in Bulgaria: